Geo-Graf, Inc. Disclaimer

The investigative Service provided by Geo-Graf, Inc. (GGI) includes the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data obtained from ground penetrating radar (GPR) and other non-intrusive geophysical instruments in an attempt to provide the client with site-specific subsurface information (Findings) in concordance with the Project’s Scope of Work. Limitations and inaccessibility due to terrain, natural or humanmade obstructions will limit GGI’s ability to collect the geophysical data. Moreover, the efficacy of the geophysical instruments utilized by GGI are dependent upon the composition and electrical properties of the soils within the Site. These are variables beyond GGI’s control. As a result, the detectability of subsurface features will vary from Site to Site and can vary from area to area within a Site. This means the lack of detected subsurface features does not preclude the possibility that these subsurface features exist and have gone undetected. In addition, data signatures exhibited by subsurface features that are interpreted by GGI to represent specific underground objects or anomalies, may in fact, not accurately represent those objects or anomalies. This is why Findings provided by GGI are speculative. The client (at their own expense) is strongly encouraged to pursue all avenues of supplemental testing and investigation necessary to validate the correctness of the Findings. Findings presented to the client are for “Informational Purposes Only” unless vetted by a state-licensed Professional Geologist (PG), Engineer (PE), Land Surveyor (PLS), or another appropriate entity. GGI does not provide Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), Geotechnical, Geological, Engineering or Environmental professional services.

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