Geophysical Investigations

A geophysical investigation is the systematic collection of data from geophysical instrumentation in order to delineate subsurface features of interest. Geo-Graf specializes in performing land-based non-intrusive geophysical investigations using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

UST & Septic System Locating

For commercial and residential properties.  Find out whether Fuel Oil, Gasoline, or Product Tanks are buried on your property (without digging). We can tell you the location, size, shape, and depth of the tank. For Environmental Phase I or Phase II assessments, Real Estate transactions and refinancing. We can also delineate and map septic systems including solids and distribution tanks; leach fields; and piping.

Structural Scanning

Utilizing high-resolution Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) antenna systems, Geo-Graf safely and non-intrusively scans structural features in order to locate and map construction elements and embedments. Often referred to as "X-ray", Structural Scanning using GPR is perfectly safe for equipment and personnel.

Private Utility Locating

We pick up were “one-call” leaves off. Utility companies will only mark their pipes or cables up to the meter or valve. The property owner is then responsible for any utilities past that point. Geo-Graf will locate, field-mark, and map both metallic and non-metallic; known and unknown (surprise or abandoned) subsurface utilities.

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